What's Included in the 11+ Online Booster Course

Preparation Work & Slides

You will be sent the following by email one week before each session.

  • A preparation pack including questions to be attempted in preparation for the session. These questions will be reviewed as part of the session. Your child should have their copy of the preparation pack at hand for the session.
  • A copy of the presentation slides that will be used suring the Online Session.
  • If this is your first session you will also be sent login details. After the first session you can use these login details for all subsequent sessions.

In order for your child to receive the full benefit of the online sessions we strongly recommend that children complete the preparation pack and look through the presentation slides.

2 hour online session

Each online session will last for 2 hours and will be led by one of our experienced 11 Plus Tutors.

  • The online classroom should be accessed using Google Chrome Browser if you are on a Windows computer/laptop. If you are using an Apple device then we recommend using Safari browser.
  • When your child enters the classroom they should select the listen only option.
  • The session tutor will activate their webcam and microphone. They will also use the integrated whiteboard for displaying the presentation slides and will write on the screen where needed as they explain questions.
  • Throughout the session the tutor will ask questions of all students via regular quizzes and polls. This will be used to measure your child’s level of engagement throughout the session.

Online Session Recording

The 2 hour Online Sessions will be recorded. You will receive access to  this recording (usually within 72 hours) so that your child can review the session for consolidation and revision purposes.

It will be possible to pause the recording and rewatch parts of the session as many times as is neccessary to ensure your child understands each question.  

We strongly recommend making full use of the recording to ensure your child understands all of the subject matter covered.

Many parents use the recording to identify areas that need improvement. They then share this information with their child’s regular tutor to ensure that any weak areas are being addressed.